Age as of December 31, 2021

All selections must be from the current RCM or CC syllabi

Voice Classes

List A -Preparatory -  Level 10
List B - Preparatory - Level 10
List C - Preparatory - Level 10
Own Choice - Ages 6 - Adult

Canadian Composer - Ages 6 - Adult
Concert Class - Levels 2 - 10
Open Voice Class - Level 10 - ARCT

Adjudication Only - Preparatory - Level 10

List A Voice
One selection from List A RCM or CC current syllabi

Class CodeLevelFee
V-001Level One$19.00


Level 2


V-003Level 3$20.00
V-004Level 4$21.00
V-005Level 5$21.00
V-006Level 6$22.00
V-007Level 7$22.00
V-008Level 8$23.00
V-009Level 9$24.00
V-010Level 10$25.00


List B Voice

One selection from List B RCM or CC current syllabi

Class CodeLevelFee
V-021Level One$19.00
V-022Level 2$20.00
V-023Level 3$20.00
V-024Level 4$21.00
V-025Level 5$21.00
V-026Level 6$22.00
V-027Level 7$22.00
V-028Level 8$23.00
V-029Level 9$24.00
V-030Level 10$25.00

List C Voice

One selection from List C RCM or CC current syllabi

Class CodeLevel


V-031Level One$19.00
V-032Level 2$20.00
V-033Level 3$20.00
V-034Level 4$21.00
V-035Level 5$21.00
V-036Level 6$22.00
V-037Level 7$22.00
V-038Level 8$23.00
V-039Level 9$24.00
V-040Level 10$25.00

Own Choice Voice Class

One selection of an art song or folk song.  No musical theatre or pop selections.

Class CodeAge CategoryFee
V-0407 and under
V-0419 and under$20.00


11 and under$21.00
V-04313 and under$22.00
V-04415 and under$23.00
V-04517 and under$24.00
V-04619 and under$24.00
V-047Adult - novice$25.00


Canadian Composer Class

One selection of a song by a Canadian composer.  No musical theatre or pop selections.

Class Code
Age CategoryFee
V-0507 and under$19.00
V-0519 and under$20.00
V-05211 and under$21.00
V-05313 and under$22.00
V-05415 and under$23.00
V-05517 and under$24.00
V-05619 and under$24.00
V-057Adult - novice$25.00

Concert Class

Contrasting selections chosen from the RCM or CC syllabi.  No musical theatre or pop selections. 

Class CodeLevelSelections/max time limitFee
V-060Level 2
Two selections - 10 minutes$36.00
V-061Level 3Two selections - 10 minutes$38.00
V-062Level 4Two selections - 10 minutes$38.00
V-063Level 5Two selections - 10 minutes$40.00
V-064Level 6Three selections - 15 minutes$50.00
V-065Level 7Three selections - 15 minutes$54.00
V-066Level 8Three selections - 15 minutes$56.00
V-067Level 9Three selections - 15 minutes$58.00
V-068Level 10Three selections - 15 minutes

Open Provincial Qualifying Voice Class

Three contrasting selections from a five selection program.  Time limit 20 minutes. Competitors who qualify to go to provincials for the Open Class will need to submit five (5) contrasting selections in total which include these three (3) selections.  Open Class program must include an aria and an oratorio and contain selections in three languages. For more information go to https://omfa.ca/syllabus/voice/

Class CodeLevelFee
OV - 070Diploma - ARCT$60.00

Adjudication Only Voice

One selection - own choice.  No musical theatre or popular music selections.

Class CodeLevelFee
V-081Level One$19.00
V-082Level 2$20.00
V-083Level 3$20.00
V-084Level 4$21.00
V-085Level 5$21.00
V-086Level 6$22.00
V-087Level 7$22.00
V-088Level 8$23.00
V-089Level 9$24.00
V-090Level 10$25.00