Overall  Most Outstanding Performer - MUSICAL THEATRE - donated by Queenston Ladies Choir -

Emily Draper

Lisa Cosens Brillon Trophy for Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Triple Threat Performer - Emily Draper

Most Distinguished Artist/Performer Musical Theatre - donated by Courtyard by Marriott - Alexandre Brillon

Senior Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Dr. G. R. Rastegar - Elisa Davis

Intermediate Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Dave Burwell, Holliswealth- Naomi Shad

Junior Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Yellow Door Theatre - Sebastien Moccio

Pre-Teen Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Tradewood Windows Doors - Ayla Jamal

Girls/Boys Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Cabar-EH Theatre - Lennon Megannety

Children Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performer - donated by Still Painting  - Grace Morton

Most Outstanding Male Musical Theatre Award -  donated by Marie Craig - Alexandre Brillon

Best Performance of a Comedic Musical Theatre Selection Award- donated by Marie Craig - Milo Boccinfuso

Mac Cushing Award for Best Performance of a Canadian Musical Theatre selection -  donated by Bob and Cathy Cushing - Naomi Shad

Abbott Encouragement Award in Musical Theatre - donated by Marion Abbott - Andrew Romero

Most Promising Awards - Musical Theatre and Voice - donated by IPCO Enterprises

Voice - Emma Bishop, Sofia Cafarelli, Lee Clarke, Elizabeth Delorraine, William Fiegehen, Bronte Ibbotson,

Emma Leo, Treesha Ray

Musical Theatre - Sydney Ahle,  Kira Armstrong, Alexis Bowman, Sofia Cafarelli, Sofia Covelli, Sydney Cornett, Melzee Diao, Hannah Jamal, Justina Janzen, Sarina Laundry, Monet Leone, Althea Jean Timaan,

Sterling Tausendfreund

Overall Most Outstanding Performer - VOICE - donated by The Queenston Ladies Choir - Elizabeth Perreira

Sandra Mason Voice Scholarship - Carlo Rescigno           

Henry of Pelham Voice Scholarship - Sydney Cornett

Falls Dental Voice Scholarship -  Victoria Ferreira

Sandra Mason Voice Scholarship - Charlotte Johnstone                  


ELEMENTARY - (Ayla Jamal) Althea Jean Timaan, Melzee Diao

JUNIOR - (Sebastien Moccio) Sofia Covelli, Sterling Tausendfreund

INTERMEDIATE - (Naomi Shad) Andrew Romero, Sydney Cornett (Milo Boccinfuso)

SENIOR - (Alexandre Brillon, Emily Draper) Elisa Davis, Justina Janzen

NATIONALS/OPEN - (Alexandre Brillon, Emily Draper) Milo Boccinfuso, Naomi Shad

Grade 6 Voice - Sofia Cafarelli, Treesha Ray                             

Grade 7 Voice - Victoria Ferreira, Bronte Ibbotson

Grade 8 Voice - Carlo Rescigno

Grade 10  Voice - Sydney Cornett

Open/Nationals Qualifying - Elizabeth Perreira


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