The competitor's age is as of December 31, 2020.

1. Competitors can perform with recorded accompaniments, back tracks OR  can perform with live accompanists. Competitors who use a live accompanist are encouraged to perform at a socially distanced length, i.e. a minimum of six (6) feet between the singer and accompanist.  A list of recommended accompanists can be provided to competitors if requested by contacting

​2. Video submissions MUST be received by the following deadline March 21, 2021 - Musical Theatre, Voice and Piano

  • Youtube link(s) to your performance(s) 
    Your video must be made viewable by Public or Unlisted YouTube setting. Private YouTube entries will not be accepted.  You will need to supply us with the link to your performance via email to For information on posting videos we recommend exploring the Help section found on the YouTube homepage. Please note that you must select “Public” or “Unlisted” in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube. If you select “Private” your submission will be invalid. Please only enter the NMT Festival if you are comfortable posting a public or unlisted video on YouTube. It is highly recommended that all YouTube videos have the comments section turned off.  You MUST disable 'made for kids only' setting in your submission.

  • Competitors will announce their name, selection, composer and class name and/or hold a card with this information before their performance
  • In concert classes, selections must be submitted in one link, but can be recorded separately - please note time limitations.
  • All videos must be recorded in standard definition because of bandwidth limitations
  • Video editing during a piece is not allowed under any circumstances. This will be automatic grounds for disqualification. Each selection should be videoed in one continuous take. The only editing allowed is the insertion of an introduction, and the editing together of the required pieces to form one document for concert classes. 
  • No mixing or sound enhancement is allowed through any kind of soundboard, including a recording studio or computer. No reverb can be added to the recording. The recording must be honest and acoustic – as if the adjudicator was in the room listening to you perform live. You must perform live on the video. No audio dubbing over your video is allowed.
  • The video must clearly show your face and your instrument. A full body view is preferred. A stationary camera position must be used throughout.
  • Acoustic or digital pianos may be used for the recording.

3.  Once a class reaches the size of 8 entrants or more,  the class will be divided.

4. Competitors must be amateurs.  Singers who are members of ACTRA or Equity Unions are not allowed to compete in the festival.

5. Deportment and appearance are important to a polished performance.  Footwear and suitable stage attire should be worn.  Costumes may be worn in musical theatre, but are not taken into consideration in the adjudication.

6.  A selection may be used in one class only at the festival and cannot be used in future years in the festival except for the Open Musical Theatre Class.

7.  Songs may be transposed to suit the entrants voice within reason.

8. Upon request, competitors will need to email dowloaded originals to the NMT Festival otherwise no original copies are needed.

9. Piano and voice competitors must refer to the current RCM and CC syllabi for their graded/level selection choices.

10. Piano and voice competitors cannot enter a grade/level class for which they've previously passed an exam.

11. The NMT Festival does not provide refunds FOR ANY REASON including inclement weather. The festival will proceed and will not cancel for any reason.

12. Scholarship recipients will be chosen at the adjudicator's discretion. Each scholarship has specific requirements as to age, residency, and class entered and may change year to year.  Competitors MUST enter a minimum of 3 classes to be eligible to qualify for a scholarship.  The Overall Scholarship in Musical Theatre can only be awarded twice to the same competitor.  If the same competitor gets recommended again for a third time, they will be awarded the 'Most Distinguished Artist/Performer' scholarship.

13. The adjudicator can recommend up to 3 competitors per level/age category to the Provincial Music Festival . Competitors are responsible to provide their own accompanist and entry fees for the Provincial festival. Recommended competitors must submit their entry form, video links and fees by May 14, 2021 online  to the OMFA website.

14. Scholarship winners and their teachers will be notified by email.  Scholarship winners may or may not be chosen by the adjudicator to perform on the Gala concert.

15. Competitors in all classes will declare their selection on their entry forms.

16. Late entries will be subject to a $25 late fee until January 15, 2021. Changes to entries can be made with a $10.00 fee/class until January 31, 2021.


1. A listing of classes and competitors will be posted on the website by February 15th, 2021. Results of the classes will be posted on the website by March 31, 2021 for all disciplines.
Competitors will be emailed their adjudication and virtual certificate by March 30th, 2021.
Competitors may be required to certify that the Festival rules have been followed. If an infringement occurs, adjudication may be given, but no mark will be awarded.
4. The minimum mark to win a scholarship and to be recommended to the Provincial Music Festival is 85 in competitive classes.
5. All competitors will receive the adjudicator's written comments via email.

6. The adjudicator's decisions are final.