The competitors age is as of December 31, 2019.

Voice and Musical Theatre Age Categories

Children - 8 years and under

Girls/Boys - 10 years and under

Elementary - 12 years and under

Junior - 14 years and under

Intermediate - 16 years and under

Senior - 18 years and under

Adult - 19 years and older (students studying at RCM Grade 8 and higher)

Novice Adult - 19 years and older (students studying singing as a hobby)

1. Competitors will provide their own accompanists.  A list of recommended accompanists will be provided to entrants if requested by contacting

2. Recorded accompaniments are only allowed in pop classes.

​3.  Competitors must be amateurs.  Singers who are members of ACTRA or Equity Unions are not allowed to compete in the festival.

4.  Competitors may perform at the end of the class if the accompanist is not available at the stated time.

5.  Once a class reaches the size of 8 entrants or more,  the class will be divided.

6.  Competitors are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of their class.

7. Deportment and appearance are important to a polished performance.  Footwear and suitable stage attire should be worn.

8.  A selection may be used in one class only at the festival and cannot be used in future years in the festival.

9. For graded level classes in Voice, students must enter the SAME grade/level.

10.  Songs may be transposed to suit the entrants voice within reason.

11. An original copy of the music MUST be provided for the adjudicator otherwise the competitor will be disqualified. Students using digital copies must provide the receipt.

12. Competitors and family members are not allowed to speak to adjudicator before, during or after a festival class otherwise a competitor may be disqualified. 

13. The NMTV Festival does not provide refunds FOR ANY REASON. The festival will proceed and will not cancel for any reason.

14. Scholarship recipients will be chosen at the adjudicator's discretion. Each scholarship has specific requirements as to age, residency, and class entered and may change year to year. Entrants in musical theatre MUST enter a minimum of 3 classes to be eligible to qualify for a scholarship.  The Overall Scholarship in Voice and Musical Theatre can only be awarded twice to the same competitor.  If that competitor gets recommended again for a third time, they will be awarded the 'most distinguished artist/performer' scholarship.

15. The adjudicator can recommend up to 2 singers per level to the Provincial Music Festival in musical theatre and voice. Competitors are responsible to provide their own accompanist, lodging and entry fees for the Provincial festival. Recommended competitors must submit their entry form and fees by March 22, 2020  to the Festival Director.

16. Scholarship winners and their teachers will be notified by email.  Scholarship winners may or may not be chosen to perform on the Gala concert.  The adjudicators will choose performers to perform at the Gala concert.

17. Competitors in all Musical Theatre classes will declare their song selection on their entry form.

18. Competitors in Voice Intermediate classes and higher as well as Grade/Level 6 and higher will declare their song selections on their entry form. Competitors in Voice Junior classes and under need not declare their song selections.

19. Competitors in Voice should introduce their song title and composer's name. Competitors in Musical Theatre do not announce their songs.

20. Late entries - please see rule re late entries on the entry form. Changes to entries can be made with a fee until January 10, 2020.


1. Participants’ schedules showing dates of competition will be forwarded to the student/participant and teacher via email. 
2. Participants may be required to certify that the Festival rules have been followed. If an infringement occurs, adjudication may be given, but no mark will be awarded.
3. The minimum mark to receive a gold medal in competitive classes is 80.
4. The minimum mark to win a scholarship and to be recommended to the Provincial Music Festival is 85 in competitive classes.
5. The adjudicator will discuss the performance of each participant but only the marks of the medal winners will be publicly announced. All participants will receive the adjudicator's written comments.

6. Adjudicators decisions are final.